The Scotesq Platform

ScotEsq is a unique online asset trading platform for unlisted companies. It allows shareholders to establish a market value for their investment without the company having to list on expensive conventional stock exchanges.

An exclusive algorithm especially developed for ScotEsq analyses the volume and value of potential buy and sell orders to deliver an accurate and transparent strike price. This gives the company, its shareholders and prospective investors and other interested parties the opportunity of establishing a market value for the shares and the company. ScotEsq also offers accuracy and transparency beyond accountants’ valuations. It offers comfort and support for existing and potential lenders.

For the first time some of the key benefits of a market listing are available to companies who do not want, or cannot, meet the heavy costs and regulatory burden of a stock exchange flotation. Buy and sell orders can be placed at any time, but the company can decide how often they want to crystallise the price though setting auction closing dates. These could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.

This is not inefficient matched bargain trading where a buy or sell order sets off a slow search for a matching counterparty. Prospective buyers and sellers can access the Scotesq platform at any time via a simple login process. When the auction closes the ScotEsq algorithm instantaneously sets the strike price and the share trades are activated.

Based in Scotland but open to Europe, Scotesq’s role can be summarised as: Putting a value on value.