Accountants Blockchain Training

Accountants: Blockchain training - why do you need it?

Why do accoutants need blockchain training?  Blockchain is the hot term in accountancy at the moment - and with good reason.  Whilst the most prominent use of blockchain technology is Bitcoin, the  concepts behind this cryptocurrency will have a wide ranging impact on business, investments, government and the legal industry, which accountants will need to be aware of.

This disruptive technology is changing the way people store and transfer assets worldwide.  It has the potential to impact the world as much as the internet did 20 years ago - and, as it was then, early adopters will reap the biggest rewards.

What do Accountants need to know about blockchain technology?

Your clients will be asking:

  • How do I account for my cryptocurrency holdings?
  • How do I value my Bitcoin?
  • What else can blockchain technology be used for?
  • Do I have to declare it?

Future uses for blockchain technology in accountancy:

  • A ledger of all transactions negating the need for audits
  • Private blockchains with KYC practices in place
  • "Smart contracts" executing transactions when certain conditions are met
  • Intellectual property transferred

And you need to be able to answer their questions succinctly and ask the right questions of existing legislation...  The most successful accountancy firms have moved away from simply advising on compliance and now offer strategic advice on how to improve their clients' businesses.

Our basic course "Blockchain and what it means to YOU" covers a dictionary of terms, an overview of digital currency, how a blockchain works and why it Is such a major breakthrough, the potential and limitations of this technology and some pioneering uses currently in development and early deployment.  We'll also show you how a digital wallet works and set you up with an account.

Who is Scotesq?

Scotesq offers the only CPD approved blockchain training in Scotland, one of just two providers in the UK.  The "Blockchain and What It Means to YOU" course is delivered face-to-face with some of the UK's leading developers in cryptocurrency technology and Fintech.  This half day course provides 3 CPD points towards your professional development.